Specialty Classes

Expand your services. Create a bigger impact. Increase your profits.

The ASHI school connects you with professionals in specialized fields to help you add unique skills to your growing area of expertise in home inspection. You can open doors to new clients by offering more specialized services with your regular inspections.


This is a class that covers basics to an advanced understanding of mold and the issues related to mold in buildings. This class covers the latest in sampling techniques and remediation versus cleaning, when and how they apply. The purpose of this course is to educate, enhance and expand an inspector’s knowledge of the microbial growth field as well as how to analyze the microbial growth and the tools necessary to do so.


3 Days- Des Plaines, IL

Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections in an equivalent amount of time. Over this 3 Day course, you will be taught all information and skills you will need to expand your business into commercial building inspecting. The class covers the entire scope of commercial inspections including the various systems and structures found in commercial buildings, how to write commercial reports, how to manage the liability of commercial inspections and how to work with other professionals involved throughout the inspection process.


16 Hours - Live Online Seminar

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer is the US and the EPA estimates that unsafe levels of radon are present in 1 out of every 5 American households. Screening for Radon as a home inspector can be a matter of life and death for families buying new homes. The ASHI School offers a Live Online Seminar with Spruce Environmental Training which can be accessed in the comfort of your own home and earns 16 ASHI CE. The class will teach how to properly measure radon and how to effectively use the tools to do it, ultimately protecting clients and their families from this elusive killer.

Multi-Family Radon Measurement

8 Hours - Live Online Seminar

Radon testing in multifamily buildings has gained increasing importance since a 2013 HUD policy change requiring testing them for radon if HUD-financed. The policy specifically cites the ANSI-AARST Standard on testing multifamily buildings. This course focuses on the “ANSI-AARST Standard: Protocol for Conducting Radon and Radon Decay Product Measurements in Multifamily Buildings” and is intended to help to educate you on the standard and the HUD requirements.

Inspecting Radon Systems

8 Hours - Live Online Seminar

This course is designed to train home inspectors and radon professionals to identify observable aspects of a residential radon system that may impact its proper operation. The course especially focuses on those defects that may increase a health risk from radon-induced lung cancer or cause structural damage or fungal growth from improper moisture management.

Wind Mitigation &
4 Point Inspection

Tampa, FL

The ASHI School is offering a combination 4-Point Inspection and Wind Mitigation 3-hour course. This course covers how to conduct 4-Point Inspections and Wind Mitigation Inspections, as well as writing the associated reports for each inspection. Completion of this course is required to be a licensed inspector in Florida. This course is often held to coincide with Florida’s Inspector Foundations Course, during the weekend between class, to allow new Florida inspectors to complete their state education requirements in one session.

Certified Residential Thermography Course

2 Day - Monroe Infrared

Students will complete the course with a much stronger understanding of Thermal Imaging capabilities and applications as well as the confidence and competence to immediately put that knowledge to use. Customers are getting smarter and expecting Home Inspectors and Residential Building Professionals to utilize all the tools available to provide them the best information available. Not being able to see with the naked eye what the infrared camera can clearly show you is no longer acceptable. Infrared is a very powerful tool that helps you find, identify, quantify and communicate today what could be a much bigger issue to your customer (or your customer’s customer) tomorrow!


Self Taught Program

ASHI@Home is an online home study program — start whenever you want, work at your own pace and on your own schedule 10 in-depth Courses—easy-to-understand text and illustrations, thousands of photos, plus real case studies, exercises, interactive learning tools, and videos Tutor support — help from experienced home inspectors Completion certificate Carson Dunlop Graduate logo — build your credibility as a Carson Dunlop graduate upon program completion.