Mold Class Upcoming Sessions

This class is a comprehensive study of mold and moisture damage, and the effects on structures. Learning begins in an abstract form and then expands into a more formative development of specifics. After the class, you will become proficient in recognizing microbial growth (mold) patterns in various structures and areas, understand the physiology of mold, how to safely inspect mold, write a complete environmental inspection report with annotated picture references, and present the client with a report. The student will also be learn how to market this skill and directly utilize their knowledge for clients needing consultation.

If a minimum of 5 students are not registered 2 weeks prior to class, that particular class may be rescheduled.

There are no upcoming classes scheduled for this class. As new classes are scheduled, they will be posted here.

In the meantime, check out our Inspection Training and State Requirements page.