Commercial Class

Des Plaines, IL

$1,395 (ASHI & CREIA Members)

$1,795 (non-members)

This 3-day course will leave you with a wealth of information about commercial inspections and how to conduct them. The course will include sample inspection reports, consultants’ reports, and information on quoting inspections, report writing, and relevant business issues. Additionally, this course features Carson Dunlop’s Commercial Inspection textbook, which comes with the course!

Most importantly, you will learn how to get into the commercial inspection business. We will cover everything from business practices to technical inspection, with special emphasis on the “the team approach” to commercial inspections. You will learn where and when a consultant is required, and how to find and work with consultants.

This course is approved for 24 ASHI Continuing Education Credits, 10 HIA Membership Education Credits and 22 CREIA Continuing Education Credits.