What's Up With Seawalls, Boat Docks, and Boatlifts Inspecting A/C’S and HP’S Evaluating Fireplaces and Chimneys Upcoming Sessions

Diversify your knowledge of inspecting everything from shoreline structures to HVAC systems to fireplaces — all while earning 6 CE credits in a single day!

What’s up with Seawalls, Boat docks, and Boatlifts? 2 Hours

This class provides comprehensive instruction on the composition, function, and inspection of seawalls, boat docks, and davits. You’ll examine modern constructions like carbon fiber seawalls and find out what’s new on the market for coastal structures.

Inspecting A/C and HP's 2 Hours

Explore the many different types of air conditioners and heat pumps. Learn how heat transfer and temperature pressure allow these systems to work. Receive practical guidance on reading data plates, checking ductwork, and recognizing common defects.

Evaluating Fireplaces and Chimneys 2 Hours

Deepen your understanding of fireplaces and chimneys. Discover how masonry and manufactured fireplaces should be installed versus how they often are installed. Review proper clearances and go over a checklist of common inspection items for fireplaces, chimneys, and their components.

Classes are 2 hours each and are ASHI and Florida state-approved for CE Credit. This means that a full day of all 3 classes will reward you with a total of 6 CE credits. Please check with your state for inspection requirements.

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Conley has been in the construction industry for over 50 years, and he has spent nearly half of those as a home inspection professional. He has experience in everything from municipal code inspections to corporate relocation inspections to resale and mortgage home inspections. Mike is a state-certified general contractor and building inspector, coastal construction inspector, and member of ASHI and FABI. He has served as ASHI’s national director and secretary. He frequently teaches and speaks about home inspection topics for Kaplan ITA and the ASHI school.