Military Transition Program

Military Transition Program (MTP)

Hands-On Home Inspector Training


The ASHI School is dedicated to offering veterans and their spouses best-in-class training to become property inspectors. The transition from military to civilian can be a challenging time. The School is proud to extend an opportunity to minimize transition challenges and to enhance or build a career to veterans with a service end date of 2000 or later. Please give us a call and let us know you are interested in the MTP program and give us your military status.

The program offers preparation to gain knowledge and expertise in the field of property inspections. In addition, networking and camaraderie among property inspector professionals takes place to gain competence and confidence as a professional. The courses are taught by seasoned and knowledgeable professionals.

The MTP benefits include:

    • GI Bill® Approval

    • 10% Discount on classes for candidates not covered under other programs and for their spouses

  • Mentor who is a seasoned property inspector to offer knowledge and support

Face-to-Face classes and virtual self-study courses are offered. They include:

The Inspector Foundations Class : The premier class for anyone who desires to become a professional home inspector. This pre-licensing class covering how the various systems in a household work and common problems associated with them. Hands-on home inspections building confidence and expertise are part of the curriculum.

Online Self-Study Core Course : The Inspecting Essentials Online Course is an introduction to home inspection. It covers essentials of starting a successful home inspection career and operating a business as well as property/home inspection training. This course includes an e-book copy of the National Home Inspection Examination manual and study guide.

Specialized Classes

Radon Class : The ASHI School offers a real-time Online Seminar which can be accessed from any location with a computer and a phone. The class will teach how to measure radon and how to use the tools to do it, ultimately protecting clients and their families from this elusive killer.

Mold Class : The purpose of this class is to educate, enhance and expand an inspector's knowledge of the microbial growth field as well as how to analyze the microbial growth and the tools necessary to do so.

Commercial Class : Commercial inspections can generate up to 80% more revenue than residential inspections. Students will be taught information and skills needed to expand into commercial building inspecting. The class covers systems found in commercial buildings, report writing, inspection liability, and the group involved with commercial inspections.


*The complimentary Radon Class must be taken within a year after completion of pre-licensing class

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