Report Writing the Right Way & Residential Electrical Fundamentals

In this 1-day program of classes, you’ll return to the basics of report writing and electricity. Best of all, you’ll earn 4 CE credits while doing so!

Report Writing the Right Way 2 Hours

Explore the many ways we communicate and the mistakes we often make when speaking or writing. Compare the needs of the client versus the needs of the inspector. Finish up this session with practical tips on how to write clear reports that will both please the client and protect the inspector.

Residential Electrical Fundamentals 2 Hours

Rediscover the fundamentals of residential electricity. Examine how electricity makes it into the home, the ways it is utilized, and how it is distributed. Review the science behind voltage, amperage, resistance, and work power. Go over what you should — and shouldn’t — include in your report.

Classes are 2 hours each and are ASHI and Florida state-approved for CE Credit. This means that a full day of all 2 courses will reward you with a total of 4 CE credits. Please check with your state for inspection requirements.

Meet Your Instructor

Michael Conley has been in the construction industry for over 50 years, and he has spent nearly half of those as a home inspection professional. He has experience in everything from municipal code inspections to corporate relocation inspections to resale and mortgage home inspections. Mike is a state-certified general contractor and building inspector, coastal construction inspector, and member of ASHI and FABI. He has served as ASHI’s national director and secretary. He frequently teaches and speaks about home inspection topics for Kaplan ITA and the ASHI school.