Guide to Becoming an ASHI Home Inspector

Find Your Focus

Finding your niche as a home inspector can be very advantageous and lucrative, and it's never too early to consider a certain concentration. Specializing in a skill gained from a past career or exploring an emerging trend are both great ways to standout and generate more business.

Join an Association

Joining a professional not-for-profit organization like ASHI offers various resources for home inspectors at any stage of their careers. As a new home inspector just starting out, ASHI opens the door to many opportunities and provides a support system to network and help you establish your business.


Some states require approved education to become licensed, while other states don't require any form of training to practice home inspection. Whichever category your state falls into, The ASHI school will teach you the fundamentals of home inspection and how to apply that information in the field.

Know Your Turf

It's imperative to familiarize yourself with the types of houses and buildings that are in your community. You want to be aware of any potential obstacles or specialty issues that are prominent in the houses you will be inspecting. These can include such things as regional weather and climate effects or damage due to insect infestation.

Marketing Plan

Home inspectors need to market themselves to realtors & prospective clients. There are various platforms of media to utilize ranging from conventional methods - like brochures and pamphlets - to digital strategies on social media. Any form of marketing is going to cost time, money, or both: it is important to prepare your plan early and account for the expenses.

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The ASHI School is Your Foundation

Each person’s path to becoming a home inspector is different. Your state requirements and previous experiences are some factors that will influence this process. The ASHI School believes these first steps are the most important to be considered and completed when you decide to pursue home inspection. Through the ASHI School you will receive a strong educational foundation and support system to help guide you as you build your business.


A home inspector objectively assesses systems and components within a home and highlights any potential problems, maintenance & further expenses. There is no “check engine” light for a house, and in most cases homeowners don't realize there is a problem with the house until the damage is already done. However, home inspectors rely on their keen senses and expertise to analyze and report, early warning signs of a house.


In 1976, the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) was founded, with a goal to build consumer awareness and enhance overall professionalism of the budding home inspection profession. Since then ASHI has been committed to progressing the home inspection field by advocating high standards of practice and adhering to a code of ethics, all to keep the profession prosperous and robust.


Buying a home is often the largest single investment that most people will ever make. Most home inspectors find that one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession is being able to help clients find a new home and avoid any dangers or surprises throughout the process. It is crucial for home inspectors to thoroughly relay the findings to the client, having them fully understand the investment they are making and ensure their home is safe.

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qualities of a successful home inspector

income potential

23% of inspectors earn over $100,000 per year

75% of houses sold in the usa are inspected


average cost of an inspection

5 million

houses sold per year in the us


average gross annual revenue



Choosing Your Career Path

There are many different paths you can go down in the home inspection industry, and the way in which you practice home inspection is entirely up to you!

build your own business

Many home inspectors establish their own single inspector shop, where they only have themselves to answer to.


For those who are just starting out or simply want to focus exclusively on their inspections multi-inspector companies and partnerships are another viable option.

Ready to Start Your Training?

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Can a Home Inspector Diversify?

Many home inspectors diversify, offering a variety of inspections, such as termite, swimming pool and spa, well and septic system, and home maintenance. Troubleshooting inspections for homes with problems, pre listing inspections for homes about to be sold, and inspections of new homes throughout the construction process or at the pre-delivery stage can also be offered. Some home inspectors do radon, lead, asbestos, and carbon monoxide testing; mold inspections; and inspections of commercial buildings. There are many opportunities to offer a full range of services to consumers.

Home inspectors with talent and ambition can expand their business services to include commercial inspections and expert witness testimony. Radon, lead-based paint, septic systems and indoor air testing are just a few of the services that home inspectors can provide for additional fees.

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