Florida Specialty Classes

Wind Mitigation &
4 Point Inspection

Tampa, FL

The ASHI School is offering a combination 4-Point Inspection and Wind Mitigation 3-hour course. This course covers how to conduct 4-Point Inspections and Wind Mitigation Inspections, as well as writing the associated reports for each inspection. Completion of this course is required to be a licensed inspector in Florida. This course is often held to coincide with Florida’s Inspector Foundations Course, during the weekend between class, to allow new Florida inspectors to complete their state education requirements in one session.

Florida CE Classes

6 Hours-Florida CE Classes

Inspecting Fireplaces and Chimneys - 2-Hours Florida CE Credits
Inspecting A/C and HP’s - 2-Hours Florida CE Credits
Inspecting Seawalls and Boat Docks/Davits - 2-Hours Florida CE Credits

Pools and Spas

Tampa, FL

The Florida region is where pools and spas are very common. As a home inspector you can offer this additional service when inspecting property. ASHI has standards that address these components. This class will discuss the standards and the nuts and bolts of how pools are constructed , the equipment involved and proper application of electrical issues as well as safety issues that should be addressed.