The ASHI School Lead Instructors

George Meegan


George not only specializes in HVAC and commercial inspections, he also conducts air quality analyses and moisture intrusion inspections. He obtained 30 years of experience working with HVAC systems before becoming an inspector in 2015. Though relatively new to the home inspection field, George was named Association Member of the year for 2016 in ASHI’s Chicago Area Chapter before going on to earn ASHI’s Iron Man Award in 2017. He is currently President of his chapter and teaches up-and-coming inspectors as a lead instructor within The ASHI School.

John Wessling


John has inspected and evaluated over 8,000 buildings since founding Wessling Home Inspection Services, LLC. In addition to residential and commercial building inspections, he performs home safety and maintenance inspections for seniors and disabled individuals. John served as the President of ASHI’s St. Louis chapter in 2014. He is active with ASHI Education at the local and national level and has presented at multiple ASHI Chapters on various topics including Stairway-Rails-and Guard Issues, The Mechanics of Garage Door and Operator Systems, and Safety Practices for a Home Inspector.

John Cranor


John is the owner and founder of Cranor Inspection Services, LLC. He has been a part of ASHI for over 20 years and has served as his chapter’s president and as a chapter educational committee member. He is credentialed as an Exterior Design Institute Certified Building Envelope Inspector and Moisture Warranty Corp. EIFS Inspector. He currently serves on the Commonwealth of VA Asbestos, Lead and Home Inspectors licensing board. He also has assisted and contributed to the Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors in the development of the National Home Inspector’s exam. He is currently a lead instructor with The ASHI School.

Ray Baird


Ray spent more than three decades in commercial, residential, and international construction work before becoming a home inspector in 1997. He has performed over 12,000 inspections since then. He has also acted in several important leadership positions such as Chairman of Tennessee’s Home Inspector Advisory Board, President of ASHI’s Mid-Tennessee Chapter, and leader of ASHI’s South Atlantic COR.

Ray was the lead instructor for Inspection Training Associates/Kaplan Professional School’s home inspection courses at their Nashville facility from 2003 to 2008. He enjoys working in education and currently teaches with the ASHI School.

Scott Johnson


Scott’s fascination with architecture and construction began when his father gifted him a hammer on his fifth birthday. He has since dedicated 25 years of his life to inspecting homes and more than two decades to educating others as a lead instructor with The ASHI School. When he is not working with BPG Inspections as a senior consultant and technical manager, he enjoys giving back to the home-inspection community.

Scott has acted as the Education Chairman for ASHI’s Georgia chapter over the past half decade. For most of the last 10 years, he has also served on the ASHI Certification Committee by representing ASHI ACI credentialing.

John Wegner


John first began working in construction in the 1950s before serving over 20 years in the Air Force. He has a strong background in education and has spent 14 years teaching, developing, evaluating, and approving course curricula. He also helped establish the Air Force’s Space Operations School in Colorado. John has been an inspector for over three decades, during which he has completed over 8,000 home inspections. He has since served in numerous positions within the Rocky Mountain and Southern Colorado ASHI chapters, National ASHI Education Committee, and National ASHI Board of Directors. He is currently a lead instructor with The ASHI School.

Ken Harrington


Ken first entered the world of home inspection in 1981, after which he earned numerous specialized inspection certifications like dimensional lumber, wood-destroying insects, irrigation systems, hot tubs and swimming pools, and mold. Over the course of his career, he has performed over 7,000 residential and commercial inspections throughout central Ohio. He has taught as a professor in the Workforce Development department of Cincinnati State Community College. Ken retired from home inspection in 2017, but he continues to act as a certified Lead instructor for The ASHI School — a role he has filled since 2009.

Michael Conley


Michael has taken on many roles over the course of his 32-year career as a home inspector and his time as a laborer, carpenter, foreman, superintendent, project manager, construction consultant, and estimator. He has inspected a wide range of residential, business, and municipal properties. He currently writes on various inspection topics for respected publications. He is a certified state education provider and acts as an Lead instructor with The ASHI School. Michael is a nationally recognized speaker and presenter. His presentations are meant to educate and guide home inspectors on relevant topics.

Kevin J. Bradley


Kevin is an ASHI-certified inspector with over 40 years of experience. He has completed thousands of inspections on residential and commercial properties ranging in age from still-under-construction to over 300 hundred years old. Kevin received the honor of being selected by the NJ State Board of Engineers and Surveyors to institute the initial educational requirements for all of Southern New Jersey. His teachings focus on fostering collaboration within the home inspection industry. Kevin has been training future inspectors for over 20 years and currently acts as the Lead Instructor of The ASHI School in Baltimore.