Refund Policy

Refund Schedule

A full refund will be given if a request is made within 3 days after your first initial payment. However, 15% of your refund plus the cost of books and shipping will be deducted for any cancellation after the 3rd day of your deposit up until 31 days before the class begins on all money paid to The ASHI School.

NO REFUNDS will be given beginning 30 days prior to the start of class!

First payment of $950.00 - cancellation within 3 days of deposit

Full refund

4th day after deposit to 31 days before the start of class

85% refund of moneys paid to date (less cost of books & shipping)

30 days before the start of class up to and after class is over (whether ornot the class is taken)

No refund

It is the policy of The ASHI School to pay the refund to any third party payer, should there be one.