Mold & Moisture Class

3 Days - Classroom

This 6-part class went through substantial changes and updates to reflect recent changes in the Building Sciences field of this area. It is still a comprehensive study of mold and moisture damage and its effects on structures. It is conveyed in a “bump-up” learning environment. Learning begins in an abstract form and then expands into a more formative development of specifics. Classes run from 8-5 each of the 3 days.

Mold 101B

Begins with Mold basics which is a primer that covers: mold’s history, types of, health concerns of, requirements for its growth, inspection methods for, sampling and testing of, individual and professional remediation practices.

Mold 202

Covers the following: aspects of mold’s growth, types, conveyance systems, and discoveries through professional mold remediation practices. It will also cover proper use of PPE (personal protection equipment), safety, learning how to find the Red Flags of moisture intrusion and the theory of associated client Red Flag Symptoms caused by exposure to mold.

4-Part Mold & Moisture Damage

Is a 4-part system expansion that delves deeper into all aspects of the inspection processes that inspectors will encounter in mold and moisture damage within structures. The culminating enhanced areas will be on use of equipment, sampling and testing, report writing based on findings, and marketing the business of environmental inspection techniques.

After the class, you will become proficient in recognizing microbial growth (mold) patterns in various structures and areas, understand the physiology of mold, how to safely inspect mold, write a complete environmental inspection report with annotated picture references, and present the client with a report. The student will also be learn how to market this skill and directly utilize their knowledge for clients needing consultation.

This class is approved for 24 ASHI Continuing Education Credits (Not State Approved CE Credits)

About the Instructor: Kevin M. Cuyler

Kevin has been developing courses and teaching with The ASHI School as a lead instructor for over 12 years. He has nearly two decades of experience in home inspection, and he has spent those years running remediation crews and performing home and environmental inspections, testing, assessments, site surveys, and infrared building envelope scans. He is also a certified thermographer. He is the President and CEO of Environmental Inspection Dynamics LLC, and he continues to produce educational content for websites, courses, and educational environmental seminars.