What Our Students Have to Say

Des Plaines IL Classes

"The amount of knowledge I gained is unbelievable. I was suprised that even the most experienced instructors still had much to learn and that made me more comfortable with learning the basics. All the instructors were welcoming and helpful. I appreciate the time and knowledge you shared with me"- Brendan

"All the instructors were very knowledgable in their topics and made it fun and easy to learn. They also took time to help more with areas we struggled with."- Jordan

"I recommend this course to anyone trying to become or better themselves as a home inspector. We had 2 teachers throughout the course and multiple home inspections. This provided a broad approach to learning the material, we did not just go through a text bookpage by page. Thank you for the education"-Connor

Nashville Class

"The instructors real life scenarios and instruction helped me to build confidence that this is a great career choice"- Sarah

Columbus, OH Classes

"On of the best courses I've ever taken, I really felt like the instructors were invested in my success and I can't wait to get started on my own inspections"- John

"The class size was small which created a great environment to learn. The instructor was extrememly knowledgeable on all subjects. He was willing to take extra time to explain any topic"- Brian

"The instructor teaching this class, I beleive is the absolute best instructor that could be teaching this class. He was well prepared and put a strong emphasis on hands on and real world application. These instructors gave the best education in the time allowed that they possibly could"- Patrick

Tampa, FL Classes

"Mike was awesome, amazing knowledge and ability to relate tough topics into understandable everyday language was very good."- Tim

"This has been one of the greatest experiences. I really enjoyed this class.The instructors had their own way of teaching and inspecting which helped. I tried to take a course online but was unable to learn the material as well as I did in class"- Keith 

"I really enjoyed the classroom and field study equally. all the insturctors knew their business, These guys are clearly professionals in the field. It was a great class and I reccomend it to anyone looking to become a certified inspector." - Jim

Commercial Property Inspection Class

"Richard's technical expertise, energy and capabilities of communicating experiences was very helpful"- Tim,

"Richard is very knowledgable and has a great personality, the time flow and process through the material was very good"-Paul

"The instructor was superb, his knowledge and control of time was excellent"- Donald

Mold Remediation Class

"We traveled from Atlanta and this course was worth every penny, I cannot even say how invaluable what we learned was, Our instructor was amazing"- John