ASHI @ Home

$2995 - Self Taught Program

ASHI @ Home is a 10-Course Home Study Program delivered through a comprehensive collection of textbooks from Carson Dunlop, a leader in Home Inspection Education since 1978. This is not an introductory or overview program: it is a thorough and complete education in all areas of the home inspection field. As the name suggests this program is self-taught, which gives you the freedom to decide your schedule, pace and setting of the education.

Each course covers a different system found in the home and begins by identifying and explaining various components, how they function and the forms they come in. Next, the components are analyzed from the perspective of a home inspector. The issues that arise with each component are explained using a straightforward tactic to breakdown these complex problems:

  • Define the cause of the problem
  • Highlight the implications of this issue
  • Create a strategy for the client to resolve the problem Lastly, photos and diagrams are abundant throughout the textbooks to help make all the information more digestible.

To supplement the textbooks, there is an online portion that goes along with this program. As you work through each course, there are various quizzes, case studies, and exercises that will gauge your progress and engage you with the material. Additionally, the field exercises (which can be conducted in your own home) gives you a hands-on experience with conducting a home inspection.

Other Benefits of ASHI @ Home

  • You will receive the contact information of an experienced home inspector who will answer any questions that you have about the material.
  • After passing all 10 courses you will receive a Certificate of Completion from Carson Dunlop
  • Free trial of Horizon Reporting Software & trial of website development and hosting.

Though this program is not state approved for pre-licensing, it remains a great option for prospective inspectors in states that are not regulated. Not only is this program a great gateway into the home inspection profession, it is also a great reference for any inspectors who want to stay sharp and brush up on their material consistently.