State Exam Prep Class

8 Hours - Online

This class is primarily intended help new inspectors prepare to take your State Home Inspector Examination. Experienced inspectors will also benefit from attending taking this class. We will cover some topics you have forgotten, or that you were never taught. Each question is similar to one that might appear on your state exam. An audience member will offer an answer. Some questions are followed by illustrations or pictures to help you visualize and remember the concepts. New inspectors are strongly encouraged to study the recommended texts prior to participating in this class. This class will help reinforce concepts that you already know, and will help you analyze questions to increase the odds of selecting the correct answer.

About the Instructor: Bruce Barker is the author of books including: Everybody’s Building Code, The NHIE Home Inspection Manual, Commentary on the ASHI Standard of Practice for Home Inspections, and books in the Black & Decker series including Codes for Homeowners and Deck Codes and Standards. Bruce is an ASHI Certified Inspector who currently serves the ASHI Treasurer after three years on the Board of Directors and six years as Standards Committee Chair. Bruce has been building and inspecting homes for over thirty years. He is an ICC certified Residential Combination Inspector, a licensed contractor, and a licensed home inspector in multiple states.

What You Will Need for the State Exam Prep Class:
Computer with microphone and webcam

NHIE Study Manual and Study Guide (if you do not already have these books please call the ASHI School to purchase your set)