Preparation Classes

Prepare for the State Exam or learn the ASHI Standards of Practice

The ASHI school connects you with professionals to help you prepare for the Home Inspection Exams.
We now offer the ASHI Standards course- learn the ASHI Standards of Home Inspection. These courses will enhance your preparation for your state pre-licensing requirements or when becoming an ASHI Certified Home Inspector.

Exam Review Course 

8 Hours- Online

This is an eight‐hour course using PowerPoint slides. This course presents participants with a question similar to one that might appear on home inspector exams. The participants and instructor discuss the question to arrive at the correct answer. Many answers include illustrations and pictures to help participants remember the concept. Active interaction between participants and the instructor makes this course a fun and effective learning environment.

ASHI Standards Class

4 Hours - Online

This course is intended primarily for newer home inspectors who wish to gain a more in‐depth understanding of how to apply standards to home inspections. Experienced inspectors will also benefit by comparing the current standard to their current procedures in case bad habits may have developed.