• State Requirements
    Inspector Foundations
  • Course approved in state
  • Includes In-Field Training as part of the curriculum
  • Meets state Pre-licensing Hours
  • Gives you a technical foundation for ride-along inspections
  • Prepares you to pass the National Home Inspector Exam (NHIE) & other relevant exams

  • Complete 75 hours of approved pre-license education.

  • Complete 25 paid inspection under supervision of a licensed inspector

  • Has General Liability insurance

  • Pass the National Home Inspector Exam.

Review the state’s complete requirements and ordinances below for full details.

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Inspector Foundations Course

120 HOURS - $3,395

The Inspector Foundations course is the premier class for anyone who wants to become a home inspector. Throughout the course, you will learn how the various systems in a household work and common problems associated with them. After learning how a system works, the instructor guides a home inspection out in the field, giving you a hands on experience and insights of how to properly conduct an inspection (in accordance with the American Society of Home Inspectors’ Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics). The ASHI School believes to obtain the deepest understanding of home inspection, you must go out in the field to inspect real houses and see how to analyze real issues.

The Inspector Foundations course is a two-week long course (M-F 8:30-5:30) that takes place in a classroom led by experienced home inspectors and features going out in the field 4 to 5 times throughout the period of the course. Once you register for the course, there is a pre-class curriculum that will be required to be completed before the first day of class. The pre-class gives you a broad overview of the content of the course, so you hit the ground running when class begins.

During the course the following subjects will be covered and

  • - Introduction to The ASHI School
  • - Insulation
  • - Roofing, Flashings and Chimneys
  • - Plumbing
  • - Exterior
  • - Interior
  • - Structure
  • - Appliances
  • - Electrical
  • - Final Review with Q&A
  • - Heating
  • - Final Exam
  • - Cooling / Heat Pumps
  • - Class Wrap-Up
Full Syllabus Available Here

Our class instructors are experienced home inspectors that have performed countless home inspections. They will offer their wealth of insight and tips to prepare you for your new career, and you can contact them even after the course is over for further guidance. 

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Complete Massachusetts Requirements

  • Home Inspection Regulated:
  • License Type:
    Associate Home Inspector
  • License Renewal Cycle:
    Every Two Years
  • Is Distance Education Allowed:
  • Is Field Training And Experience Required:
  • Experience Required:
    For Associate: 25 fee paid home inspections under the direct supervision of a licensed home inspector
  • Is CE Required:
  • Is CE Distance Education Allowed
  • Is Pre-Licensing Required
  • Pre-licensing Hours Required
    75 hours for Associate Home Inspector
  • Regulating Body
    Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation
  • Rules And Regulations
    266 CMR 3.01 (2) a and b/266 CMR-4.00
  • Exam
    National Home Inspector Examination

Massachusetts Ordinance & Contacts

Massachusetts Licensure (Chapter 146) enacted in 1999

Massachusetts law requires home inspectors and associate home inspectors to be licensed under the Board of Registration of Home Inspectors. The Board is required to: 1) establish the requirements for licensure and for the standards of professional and ethical conduct; 2) establish standards for continuing education; 3) authorize and conduct examinations; 4) grant licenses to qualified applicants; and 5) establish penalties. The law also requires that the Director of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation publish an informational brochure on home inspections which must be issued to home buyers at the signing of an offer to purchase. Licensed home inspectors must: 1) have successfully completed high school or its equivalent; 2) have been engaged as a licensed associate home inspector for not less than one year and have performed not less than 100 home inspections under the supervision of a licensed ho me inspector; 3) have passed the National Home Inspector Examination; and 4) paid the appropriate fee. A licensed associate home inspector must: 1) have successfully completed high school or its equivalent; 2) have performed not less than 25 home inspections in the presence of a licensed home inspector; 3) have passed the National Home Inspector Examination; 4) have an identified supervisor who is a person licensed in good standing as a home inspector; and 5) paid the appropriate fee. Licensed home inspectors and associate home inspectors must carry errors and omissions insurance in an amount not less than $250,000. Also, a home inspector or associate home inspector may not attempt to limit liability for negligent or wrongful errors or omissions by use of a clause within a performance contract that limits the cost of damages from negligent or wrongful errors or omissions.

Amendment to Current Law ( Ch. 146 of 1999 ) enacted in 2001.

The amended section of the law (Chapter 17 of 2001) extends the time period during which the Board may issue a temporary license to an applicant seeking licensure as a home inspector. The law moves the effective date back to November 1, 2001 from May 1, 2001 and establishes the criteria under which a temporary license may be issued. A temporary license may be issued if: 1) an individual has been engaged in home inspection for not less than three years prior to the effective date and has performed at least 100 inspections for compensation, or 2) an individual has been engaged in the practice of home inspection for not less than one year prior to the effective date, and has performed at least 125 inspections for compensation. Temporary licenses shall terminate in 90 days, or whenever the applicant furnishes proof of having passed a licensing examination approved by the Board, whichever occurs first.

For more information, including Rules and Regulations , contact the Board of Registration of Home Inspectors at:

Phone: (617) 727-4459
Fax: (617) 727-2197

1000 Washington Street, Suite 710
Boston, MA 02118-6100
Website: https://www.mass.gov/home-inspector-licensing

Also approved by:

Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission
85 Main Street, Room 426
North Adams, MA 01247

Phone: (413) 663-5391
Fax: (413) 664-7693