Is Your Key To Learning Getting Your Hands Dirty?

 Learn By Doing

There is more than one way to do most things, and there are many different ways to learn! When learning to perform home inspections we think you will find our methods are the best.

The learningtheory suggests that most people have a preferred learning style. Some people are visual learners - they prefer activities that use pictures and patterns, while others are auditory learners - they want to learn by listening rather than seeing. Those who are restless and fidgety in lessons may be kinesthetic learners who prefer practical, hands-on learning tasks. We think your home inspection career is best begun with actually performing live home inspections in the field.

Why is this useful to know?

When becoming an effective learner you do not always have choice about how you learn certain things - you may not be allowed to jump up and do something active in the middle of a lecture! If one type of learning style is very dominant in you, you may find it hard to be flexible. We give you mutiple ways to learn the art of home inspections. Home inspection books, online home inspection training, classroom home inspection training as well as tons of learning home inspections by doing them are included in your home inspection classes.

At The ASHI School we deliver all your education in the style that fits you best. We believe in repetition and doing it live. You will go out multiple times to observe and particiapte in training sessions. In addition we give you classroom lectures on becoming a home inspectorwith plenty of photos and visuals to make understanding every system and component of a home inspection easy. Learn By Doing at The ASHI School!

A home inspector's salary or income could be just what you are looking for. Call us today to discuss your business start up as a home inspector.

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